We've all been anxiously waiting for Kings to pick up the pace and leave its predictable beginnings behind. With one quick text-message, our cast went from soap stars to believable characters. Spoilers below.

Last night's Kings finally stepped up to the plate and matched its over-the-top biblical dialogue with a twisty plot worthy of such lengthy banter and Ian McShane scenery-chewing.

Dirty deeds are being orchestrated behind our noble King Silas' back. And while the people of Gilboah yearn for peace with Gath, the price may be too high when Silas asks a small number of farmers (who, coincidentally, include David's family) to part with their land. Well it just so happens that this land was the territory that David's Pappy gave his life for in the war, so no one is very happy, and one of David's many disposable siblings joins the the rebellion and take the pier or port (some sort of industrial type place) hostage.


Meanwhile the devious brother-in-law, William Cross, is gathering up suits and military types to stage his little military coup. Which includes buying up the broadcasting station so he can give it to the less-than-fortunate gay Prince Jack.

Just about every player in this alternate universe is fleshed out from the pilot's two-dimensional shadows, and makes real steps towards acting less like a stereotype. Jack starts angling himself, in a fairly smart manner, to crap upon his father's policies, by gobbling up the formerly Silas-controlled press. The King reveals he's smarter than he seemed, the scary guy from The Last of the Mohicans gets a bit more interesting, Tomasina steps up her game and dares to confront the King in her own way.

Even the fresh-faced David learns how to put his morals to one side, and do what's right (or wrong) for his King. And trust me, after weeks of watching old country mouse do the right thing again and again, it was wonderful to watch him deliver the eviction news to his family, followed by a speech about how it'll "make him love our king even more" - then turn around and ask Silas what more he could possibly give to his leader. That's using a character's flawless perfection to the story's advantage.


With a few guns, Silas squashed the resistance and opened up a handful of ministry positions at his not-so-round table. These doors opened up to Jack, and let's guess Tomasina, the sexy new rich character who's motivations remain to be seen - but let's hope the princess isn't included, because frankly she bores me to tears right now. Still, I'll keep my mouth halfway shut until we find out what this mysterious "oath" is that she took so many years ago.

Either way, the secret police murders opened up a lot of doors for Kings to start delving into the ugly underside of this monarchy. This episode, while not the most riveting of the bunch, raised the bar a little plot-wise.

And if this week didn't excite you, wait until William Cross' evil child shows up next week.