King Kong and Godzilla Are Best Frenemies in This Hilarious Stop-Motion Short [NSFW]

A few months ago, we shared filmmaker Harry Chaskin’s short Bygone Behemoth, a melancholy look at what happens when a movie monster ages out of show biz. Now, Chaskin is back with co-creators Justin Michael and Dan Lippert, offering a very different take on a similar subject: Monster Island, which he describes as “more upbeat and rather rude.”

Check out the off-color antics of party animals King Kong and Godzilla below—be warned that the short contains NSFW language and a scene of, uh, “monster-bation.”

And ... you won’t believe the ridiculous disagreement that sparks the inevitable monster fight.


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Great. Now I have “Frenemies” stuck in my head again.