King City Free At Last

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Having his publisher cancel his book and refuse to give him the rights to take it to another publisher hasn't stopped cartoonist Brandon Graham from releasing the second book in his King City series. He's just decided to bootleg it online.

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The sequel to KIng City, Graham's sexy and wonderful 2007 book about burglar Joe and his all-purpose cat/weapon Earthling, is currently lost in limbo following the recent near-collapse of its publisher, Tokyopop. Tokyopop has officially cancelled any English-language version of the book, either in print or online (A French-language version will eventually see print), but refuses to revert the copyright back to Graham for him to offer it to another publisher. In response, Graham has simply decided to post the book on his LiveJournal:

I'm thinking of throwing a chapter up here every week until It goes to print in english or until it doesn't. I try not to be snotty about all this. Right now this is what I can do.

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You can find the first chapter at the link below; here's hoping that Tokyopop do the honorable thing and let Graham have his book back soon.

Deep dark secrets [RoyalBoiler]

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Yeah, startup comic book companies: DO NOT WANT. I had the same thing happen to me. Scripted a six-issue run into a series, had it stolen and branded the intellectual property of the company. I would consider it a lesson learned if it wasn't a year I could have spent writing other stuff.