Kim Stanley Robinson Takes Us Back Out Into The Solar System, 300 Years From Now

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Orbit Books signed Kim Stanley Robinson to a three-book deal in both the U.S. and U.K., and the first book of that deal takes place in the year 2312, when the human race has abandoned the Earth.


Robinson, the author of the Mars trilogy, The Years Of Rice And Salt, the Three Californias trilogy and the Science In The Capitol series, has a new novel coming out in the U.S. next month: Gallileo's Dream, in which the pioneering astronomer receives a telescope that allows him to see Jupiter three thousand years from now, when our descendants live there. By all accounts, it's a fascinating look at the man who may have been the first real scientist.

And Robinson's following book, provisionally titled 2312, also sounds great. According to Tim Holman, Orbit VP and Publisher:

Kim Stanley Robinson is a writer who can make the future credible, no matter how incredible it might seem. 2312 will be set in our solar system three hundred years from now; a solar system in which mankind has left Earth and found new habitats. This will be a novel for anyone curious to see what our future looks like – a grand science-fictional adventure in every sense – and I'm thrilled that Orbit will be publishing it in both the US and the UK.


Top image of the Gallilean satellites from NASA. [Orbit Books]

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Odd that his telescope can see 3 Thousand years into the future but the title is 2312. Just sayin...