We love some fantastic concept art, and one artist who we came across recently is Kim Petersen, who’s put together some jaw-dropping images that transport us to some fantastic worlds.

Peterson hails from Stockholm, Sweden, where he’s been inspired by the local arts community. Some of the fellow artists from “Sweden that create great art which are inspirational, for example Andree Wallin (Andree worked on Star Wars and Oblivion) and Simon Stålenhag (Simon has a unique style and storytelling) to name a few.”


He noted that his work was chiefly inspired by programs he saw on the television as a child: “Star Wars, Blade Runner (and Alien later on) and I think that desire to create captivating images has been the main reason for me to become an artist.”

When he starts painting, he comes up with stories about the worlds that he’s creating: “When I find an idea that sticks I look at it from different angles and work out a story. It’s a lot about problem solving and I try to question my design choices before I start painting, that way I have a solid foundation to work on.”

One such example is something he referred to as the Takada Universe, a larger framework that links his concepts together.

The backdrop is that of a large Japanese corporation called ‘Takada’ that focus on hyper modern technology that for example can create artificial Einstein-Rosen Bridge. This opens up possibilities to explore concepts how I could visualize the technology and also the environments that these wormholes lead to.

Here’s a selection of his work:

You can take a look at more of his artwork here.