Kim Kardashian's Sisters Writing a Young Adult Science Fiction Novel

If I Am Number Four wasn't enough to prove young-adult science fiction novels had jumped the proverbial shark, now there's absolute proof positive. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the youngest sisters of Kim Kardashian, are writing a book that's set "200 years in the future," featuring two sisters.

They promise it won't be full of celebrity gossip — and how exactly you'd include celebrity gossip in a book set 200 years in the future is unclear in any case. Cryogenics? A future historian who's obsessed with Kanye? — but rather it's a serious book, along the lines of Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Oh, and it's the first book in a possible series (of course) and High Before Homeroom author Maya Sloan is ghostwriting collaborating on the project. [E! Online]


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