There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the opening credits for Killjoys—it was a fun, pop-fueled retro introduction to the show. However, for season 2, the show is going with an eye-popping new introduction.

Television opening credits is a sort of dying art: Ever since LOST went with its short, simple opening, most shows have gone with a simple title card or something just a couple of seconds long. Fortunately, with shows such as Person of Interest, Orphan Black and Game of Thrones, science fiction television is seeing a bit of a second wind when it comes to their opening credits.

I was happy to see that Killjoys had a proper opening sequence when the show began, even if it was only a couple of seconds long. This season’s new credits are just flat out cool, with new music and animation to boot:

Killjoys returns to Syfy on Friday, July 1st.