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Illustration for article titled Killer Spider Invasion, Chocolate Sculptures, Twilight Fights Back, and More!

Tip: There's (probably) a new Conan on the block!

And, no, we don't mean the red-headed variety.

Via Log1c:

I guess our good friend Jason Momoa from Atlantis looks to have landed a pretty major role. He was cast as the new Conan (the barbarian).

Tip: Willy Wonka only wishes he had thought of this.

Roklimber alerted us about the fact that China is now overtaking us in the realm of being fatties - specifically concerning chocolate.

Ok, this is neither science nor science-fiction but.... it's chocolate, for goodness' sake.

You will not believe your eyes when you watch this video. A replica of the Great Wall, made *entirely* of chocolate. A fashion show where the clothes are made of chocolate. A real-size BMW made of, yes, chocolate.


So yeah, at least check out the video, even if it's simply because you enjoy hearing a British man say the word "chocolate" repeatedly and make terrible sweets-related puns.

Tip: Rest well, Twihards! No interloping fangirls will create counterfeit merchandise ever again.


According to Kaila Hale-Stern:

A lady selling subtly Twilight-themed bracelets and baubles has been forced to close her Etsy store:

Following a trademark infringement claim from Summit Entertainment, Etsy decided to shut down my shop, despite ongoing negotations between my intellectual property lawyer and Summit...The Twilight reference in my jewelry was always subtle, and as such I am confident that it maintains the same appeal, even stripped of any reference to Twilight.

The products are here.

Good to know Summit is spending the $293,175,475 they made on New Moon with such consideration of the fan community.


Tip: Nature continues to be badass.

Roklimber had even more info to share with a whole slew of nature-related tips, including this fox being awesome:


Some more tips via Roklimber:

Killer funnel-web spiders invade Sydney

I'd love to have one of these as a pet. You know, to tell strangers away when they knock on my door.


The White Mountain - a time lapse movie

This is a beautiful time-lapse movie of the night sky in Hawaii, at Mauna Kea. Stars galore!


In Sync: Squid, Glowing Companions March in Genetic Harmony


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