Move over Herschell Gordon Lewis — a new horror movie, Killer Rack, may be the wrongest thing ever. Just wrong. So wrong. You know how in video games, the unrealistic breasts sometimes take on a life of their own? To the point where you get boobs that move like tentacles? The dreaded "breastopus"? This is a whole movie about that.

In Killer Rack, breast implants take on a life of their own:

Jessica Zwolak stars as Betty, an insecure woman who blames her unsatisfying professional and romantic life on her physique. Believing breast implants will turn her life around, Betty seeks the aid of a surgeon named Dr. Thulu (Debbie Rochon). Her life improves for the better with one side effect: at night, while she is unconscious, her new breasts take control of her body and seek men to seduce…and devour. Our heroine discovers her new implants are Lovecraftian monsters hell bent on world domination.


Gregory Lamberson (Slime City Massacre, Dry Bones) is getting ready to direct, from a script by actor Paul McGinnis. And they've already released some really disturbing concept art, and a teaser poster. They're looking for money via Kickstarter, thus proving that crowdfunding is pure evil. To quote from the Kickstarter page:

The humor in KILLER RACK operates on a number of levels. First and foremost, it is a screwball comedy. There is, of course, boob humor; battle of the sexes humor; nerd humor; smart humor; juvenile humor; relationship humor; slapstick humor; and spoofy horror humor. This is a story about a woman fighting to succeed in a sexist male world in which women are objectified, but it is also a story of female empowerment. Despite the risque subject matter, this is not a tacky sexploitation film; it has a sweet nature and love story at its core, like the musical version of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. But it still has the Boobs and adult themes. Call it "a soft R." The script is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S, with a playful, but not offensive, tone.

Warning: disturbing concept art below. Disturbing!


Could this movie be the next Society? We really think it could.