Killer clones are always ruining my private vacation planet

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I'm not sure what's more awesome about straight-to-DVD flick Clone Hunter: the fact that you're supposed to sympathize with the clone-killing guy; or the fact that the filmmakers call this "spacesploitation."


Here's the official synopsis:

What happens if the artificial intelligence that enables the wealthy and powerful to live in limitless luxury wants to share in it? Cane and his junior partner, Angela, are hired by Gulliver, a brutal Oligarch, to track down a murderous clone that threatens the stability of Gulliver's private planet. The more Cane and Angela delve into the case the more corruption and rot they discover, until they come face to face with their own darkest secrets and must decide which side they are on.

I love that this flick has everything - not just clones, but also artificial intelligence, brutal Oligarchs, and a bunch of other stuff! Like dark secrets! And a nearly-inexplicable tagline: "Living forever takes less time than you think." Um, what?

Lucky for you, this movie is available straight-to-DVD this week. Check out the official Clone Hunter website.


Ghost in the Machine

Sounds interesting, just not interesting enough to pay for. I'll wait until this shows up on SyFy.