Kiefer Sutherland was almost Robin to Michael Keaton's Batman

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In an alternate universe, there exists a version of Tim Burton's first Batman film where Michael Keaton's Batman is attended by a plucky teenaged Robin. And that Robin would be played by Kiefer Sutherland.

Sutherland told On the Box that he was once offered the role of the Boy Wonder, but turned it down:

And I'd just finished Stand By Me and Young Guns about the time that Warner Brothers were making the first Batman film with Michael Keaton and I got a call which asked me if I would be interested in playing Robin. I was like: ‘as in Robin with tights? No!' I didn't realise they were going to make the coolest movie ever! They didn't have a Robin in the end, but I was only 19 so my agent could have helped me out a bit on that one.


It's an intriguing thought, but could you really picture teen Sutherland as Robin? I have a hard time imagining him saying "Holy something, something, Batman," unless it's Lost Boys-era Sutherland saying "Holy I want to tear your freaking throat out, Batman." Somehow, I think that might have been the wrong Burton film.

[On the Box via Blastr]

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