Kids Get Dropped Off At This Webcomic's Camp—And Never Go Home Again

Camp Weedonwantcha is a nature camp for kids who have been ditched. In this darkly funny webcomic, kids get dropped off one day at a camp with absolutely no adult supervision. Left to their own devices, they must survive the limited supplies, wild animals, and each other.

Katie Rice's webcomic was a bit famous even before it launched. That's because Rice was the winner of Strip Search, Penny Arcade's reality web series, and Camp Weedonwantcha was her winning webcomic.


The premise is simple and dismal: Malachi is the latest camper to find himself dropped off at camp, and he's still getting used to how terrible everything is. Campers are constantly going mad. The only contact they have with the outside world is through dubious supply drops. Wild animals occasionally invade the camp, and they're less dangerous than some of the other campers. Fortunately, Malachi has friends, the relentlessly cheerful Seventeen and the terse, but sensitive Brian.

Naturally, this isn't a webcomic for people who can't bring themselves to laugh at a group of abandoned, semi-feral kids. But Camp Weedonwantcha is so relentlessly goofy that it's easy to accept this is a world we're supposed to find funny, even with the occasional camper death. It helps that Rice's cartooning is so gleeful, balancing the sad with the silly. And despite their sadsack situation, the campers don't simply descend into despair. They even find ways to have fun, and for a few kids, camp is actually better than home.

Update: I've also been informed the comic currently has a Kickstarter running.

[Camp Weedonwantcha]


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