Kids and Their Imaginary Friends Do Battle in Cute Fantasy Short Imaginapped

Image: PistolShrimps
Image: PistolShrimps

Short fantasy film Imaginapped is set in a world where every kid has a superpowered imaginary friend—which sounds totally awesome, until you realize that not everybody is in it for fun. There are some little villains out there who are willing to use dark magic to get as much power as possible.


The main character, Olivia, is a tough cookie who fears only the dreadful prospect of hanging out with her pushy neighbor, Everett—but my favorite part of Imaginapped, which was created by comedy duo PistolShrimps, is the candy-fueled battle royale between all the costumed sidekicks.

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Zelda did it!

The boy in the front on the leading image, looks like a young Ezra Miller.

Edit: Holy shit, it’s the kid that plays the young version of Kevin (Ezra Miller) in “We Need To Talk About Kevin”:

That’s pretty crazy, haha!