Kid Cosmic's First Trailer Is an Adorable Look at How Hard It Is to Save the Earth

At least they’ve got the important thing nailed down.
At least they’ve got the important thing nailed down.
Screenshot: Netflix
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Even when you’re gifted unimaginable cosmic superpowers, turns out when you’re a kid from a quiet town saving the planet from invading aliens is still kinda tough.


Netflix has just dropped the first trailer for Kid Cosmic, the next animated series from Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends’ Craig McCracken, which follows a young kid who’s quiet life with his grandpa in relative rural peace is turned upside down with the discovery of five cosmic rings. The rings grant the kid and some of his best friends (whether they be human or kitty cat) everything from Green Lantern-esque flight to future sight and teleportation, but they also attract the attention of invading aliens who want the powers for themselves.

It’s all very cute, especially in the fact that Kid Cosmic really emphasizes that its young heroes (and even its older ones, when the kid’s grandfather gets roped in as one of the ringbearers) aren’t...well, exactly good at being superheroes yet. Who among us would be if we had great power thrust upon us at that age? No doubt there’ll be a point in Kid Cosmic’s 10-episode season where the gang actually makes peace with the fact that they alone can stop the serious threat of aliens, but for now, there’s something fun in watching them try anyway...with little preparation outside of a knack for a few good hero poses.

Kid Cosmic drops on Netflix on February 2.

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