Kickstart This: Hugo Awards Long List Anthology

We all know about the Hugo Award finalists: the tiny handful of stories published every year that voters select above all others. But what about the other books recommended? A new anthology is set to highlight some of the other stories that don’t quite make it to the end.

The Long List Anthology, edited by David Steffen is now funding on Kickstarter, and it’s already surpassed its $1,250 goal.

The works on the final ballot receive a great deal of attention every year, between copies of stories distributed to voters and discussions about voting on various forums. Every year at WorldCon the Hugo Award administrators publish a list of the top fifteen nominees in each category including those that were on the Hugo ballot. But the works on the long list, also greatly loved by the group of fans voting for the Hugo, tend to not get very much attention. For this anthology I am soliciting the works from this long list to bring more attention to these works, and provide a place to discuss them.


This anthology will cover just the short fiction, but it might include some of the other categories if it hits its stretch goals. Based on the short stories he’s trying to include, it’ll be a pretty excellent anthology. AND, he’s lined up a fantastic piece of art for the anthology’s cover:

Steffen is no stranger to short fiction: he runs the Submission Grinder, a web tool that helps writers track their submissions. For $10, you get an ebook edition of the anthology. For $25, you get a hard copy. Pledge here.

Artist credit: Galen Dara


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