Kick-Ass Movie To Live Up To Its Title

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Disappointed that the movie version of Wanted didn't stay true to the ass-friendly supervillain-esque nature of the original comic book, and worried that a similar fate awaits Mark Millar's next movie? Don't be. As Millar's just finished telling his local newspaper, Kick-Ass is going to be the most violent super-hero movie ever rushed into production. Is that . . . er . . . good?Talking to the Glasgow Herald, Millar eagerly explained just how kick ass Kick-Ass the movie will be:

We probably did the most violent film this year with Wanted. I wanted to do something even more outrageous with Kick-Ass... I grew up with Clint Eastwood movies. I think a lot of films these days are too tame. Everything is designed for lunchboxes and toys. I thought it would be good to do something that appeared to the slightly older market, even though Kick-Ass is a super-hero movie.


And if you're one of the those fans who's upset that casting news for the movie has given away the plot of the story months before the comic has introduced the characters, don't be; everything is, apparently, going entirely to Millar's plan:

I am really excited about the deal and the fact that the rights for the film were signed before the book is published in January... Spiderman and Superman took about 40 years to make into films. Shooting for Kick-Ass will begin a week on Saturday and will last for nine weeks. The book will be published in January and the film will be out next summer. It has worked out really well.


I like the way that that quote suggests that (a) the faster a movie is made the better, and (b) Mark on some level believes that the Spider-Man movie was actually in the works for 40 years. Nonetheless, if you're looking for some questionable ultra-violence from underage children to accompany your potentially racist plot, it looks like the movie Kick-Ass really is going to come through for you next year. How Scottish comic author has drawn best of Hollywood [The Herald]

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Those Wanted Lunch boxes flew off the shelves.

I have nothing against violence in movies (and brutality) when it applies to the story. This seems more of a "how much more bloody can I make things"?, violence for the sake of violence kind of thing. If he wants "ultra violence" then why not save his money, hang out when an English league soccer game ends and video the drunken yobs beating the shit out of each other. Cinematic gold while saving on plot, writers, stunt artists, fight choreography and special effects.