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He may be better known for superhero blockbusters set in the familiar surroundings of the US, but for his next movie (and directorial debut), Kick-Ass' Mark Millar is planning to bring everything home to his native Scotland.


Talking to STV, Millar said that the inspiration for his first solo movie's setting came from last year's South African setting for District 9:

I saw District 9, the South-African alien movie. I thought that that was quite interesting to see something that people don't associate with South Africa, which is alien invasions, to juxtapose two things and make something quite interesting and quite odd, and I thought wouldn't it be cool to do a superhero movie in Scotland. Not a cheesy BBC Scotland comedy kind of thing, but to make it cool, as cool as X-Men 2 was or whatever. Not costumes and that kind of stuff, a 21st century Trainspotting kind of thing about people with superpowers and make it epic, make it big and grand in scope, try and do something that's unexpected.


The unnamed movie, which Millar plans to keep in the national family by using unknown Scottish actors, will be shot this summer, according to the interview.

Mark Millar to direct ‘epic' Scottish superhero movie this summer [STV]

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