Kick-Ass Creator Teases New Project, Confirms Sequel

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Notorious comic book tease Mark Millar is at it again, announcing on his message board that he'll be working with Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn again, as well as teasing details about the yet-to-be-released movie's sequel and box office haul. Spoilers!


In a thread subtly titled VAUGHN AND I JUST DECIDED ON OUR NEW MOVIE, Millar writes,

Details to follow. Am doing a talk and a Kick-Ass preview at the GFT in Glasgow on Friday or I'd have been down this week, but we're going to get together and finalize plans next week when I'm in London.

NOT what you're expecting, but potentially even bigger than Kick-Ass.

If you're wondering just how big he expects that to be, he helpfully elucidates here:

I predict over 400 mill worldwide.

Write that down :)

To put that in some context, that puts the movie somewhere between Watchmen (which grossed $185,253,487 worldwide) and The Incredible Hulk ($263,427,551) and Iron Man ($585,133,287) and The Dark Knight ($1,001,921,825) - In fact, just higher than X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which made $373,062,569 internationally, and doesn't seem too unrealistic to us. After all, Millar's earlier Wanted made $341,433,252 worldwide, and there seems to be much more excitement surrounding Kick-Ass ahead of release.


But it's the subtitle of the first thread that caught our eye; Millar describes his new project with Vaughn as "WHAT WE'RE DOING BETWEEN KICK-ASS 1 AND 2," confirming plans for the sequel; in the second thread, he even drops hints as to what we'll see in a second installment in responding "You might be onto something there..." to fan Kevin Ehrich's comment:

After reading that interview with Mark Millar where he mentions that his friends designed their own costumes to prepare for a future as a team of masked vigilantes, I couldn't help wondering if Dave Lizewski might encourage his 3 friends to do the same thing. It would be interesting to see what Marty, Todd, and David might look like as superheroes.

You heard it here first: Kick-Ass 2 will be the western version of awesome manga 20th Century Boys.

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Hmm, Dear Mark Millar: Calm your ego, will you? You may be big now, but in 10 years, people will make fun of you and your comics. Why am I saying that? To warn you. You're sounding more and more like Rob Liefield.