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In case recent stories have you worried that Wanted and Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar has given up his dream of a Superman movie trilogy, never fear: He's claiming that it was a joke that got taken too seriously.


MTV announced earlier this week that Marvel Comics writer Millar had other priorities besides a Superman movie - including, apparently, making money:

I don't think [DC Entertainment] could afford me now... I'll stick with Marvel.

On his own website, however, Millar disowns the quote:

I don't think I said they couldn't afford me now. If I did I was joking because writing Superman would be a massive payday so if I said that I was obviously laughing at the time. It's possible though as I like being glib.


He goes on to say that what little we know about his plans for a trilogy aren't enough:

Nobody has ever seen my Superman idea besides Matthew [Vaughan, Kick-Ass director]. We never pitched. I've never done a pitch in my life (it's demeaning) so all this stuff about people hating my Superman ideas, etc, is just bullshit. Nobody's seen it. I don't write or give ideas away for free and simply wouldn't. I mentioned a big epic idea to Empire in a Wanted interview which was a couple of lines long, but no story stuff at all. So the stuff about me pitching is nonsense. I don't and will never pitch. That's why I like working in comics.

Considering DC Entertainment's apparent lack of desire for a Superman movie, the idea of them asking someone working for their biggest competitor to write a trilogy without presenting a pitch first seems more than a little unlikely, but dare to dream, Mark.


Mark Millar interview with MTV's Splash Page [Millarworld]

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