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Four clips from the movie of Mark Millar's Kick-Ass reveal the bloody business of being a non-powered superhero in the real world. The costumed vigilantes crash into cars, get stabbed, and slice and taser their way to victory. Spoilers below...


Stardust and Layer Cake director Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar screened these clips at Comic Con, showing how Vaughn has tweaked the source material to give it a slightly funnier, more traditionally comic book-ish feel. But the live-action superheroes share their on-paper counterparts' propensity for misadventure, as in this intro, which mirrors the book's, but adds a tributary musical cue to comedic effect:

In the second clip, Kick-Ass takes on his first mission, with disastrous consequences:

Here, we get our first look at Nicholas Cage's creepy, sing-songy Big Daddy, engaged in a moment of questionable child-rearing with an uncostumed Hit Girl:

And, in the most violent sequence of the screened footage, we finally get to see Hit Girl in all of her purple-wigged, plaid-skirted, PVC-suited glory:

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