Kick-Ass 2 reveals Hit-Girl's unfortunate future

Illustration for article titled emKick-Ass 2/em reveals Hit-Girls unfortunate future

There are some new rumors about the superhero sequel Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall — including some new details about what's up for our favorite little ass kicker, Hit-Girl.

According to Moviehole has the run-down on what's happening in the sequel. So far the whole cast is returning for round two, including Aaron Johnson, Chloe Mortez and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Auditions are currently happening for the role of Uncle Ralph, Red Mist's new evil guardian.

And as for the plot, things are quite different for Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass. One more crucial person learns Kick-Ass' identity — but meanwhile, Mindy's secret identity has been made public. As a result, Mindy is ostracized by her schoolmates and dubbed Captain Muffin-Muncher. Her biggest nemesis is Brooke, a girl who can control the thoughts and feelings of those around her. Look for a teenage standoff, including a sequence where Hit-Girl takes dramatic revenge on the mean girls who are persecuting her. More details at the link. [Moviehole]

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Erik Sofge

Wait wait wait, someone with actual superpowers shows up?

Kind of kills the premise, no?