Kevin Spacey Joins Sam Rockwell in "Moon"

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Sam Rockwell's lonely job as a space miner finally gets some robotic company, in the shape of Kevin Spacey. Rockwell, the star of new movie Choke, told io9 that Spacey will be lending his voice to the robot in Duncan Jones' new scifi picture Moon, and he spilled some more details about the space madness he faces during his long lunar sojourn. Spoilers ahead. Moon, which is directed by David Bowie's son Duncan Jones, centers around a space miner named Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell). He is a contract worker for the LUNAR corporation and his 3-year contract is about to expire and Bell can't wait to get home and see his family. But then, things start to go wrong and Bell finds out that LUNAR is going to replace him. At a press roundtable for Choke, Rockwell told us his replacement is his clone, which he has to come face to face with.

[In] Moon, that guy's got a big problem. He's been stuck on the moon for three years, and he meets his own clone. So he's got a big problem and he has to get home. Oh and he doesn't know how long he has to live. So he's got some pretty Shakespearean problems.


When we asked if being isolated on a moon alone meant that Sam was most of the cast in Moon Rockwell revealed who his new robot buddy would be, "We've got Kevin Spacey who's going to play the voice of the robot. Which is great. But [otherwise] it's just me, and there are a couple of supporting roles of people who do transmissions onto the space station." No telling if this robot is evil, or comic relief. But I imagine if the robot works for the LUNAR corporation that cloned Sam Rockwell without his knowledge, the Spacey-bot may have shady intentions. Also I'm dying to know if "the robot" is a walking, talking droid or a HAL-esque mainframe computer that runs the space station Rockwell is stranded on. I'm betting on the the 2001: A Space Odyssey reference. But besides Spacey and a few other key characters, Rockwell explained that he'll be getting plenty of screen time in this isolation flick:

That's a pretty weird movie. That's a lot of Sam. It's a lot of Sam for me to watch. There's no Anjelica Huston, Kelly Macdonald and Brad Henke [his cast members from Choke] in that movie, but we do have Kevin, thank god.


Still the indie actor did all he could do from losing his mind on this space-story. "It was hard," Rockwell explained. "I would say Choke, Joshua and Moon are probably the hardest things I've done. And Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, but we had a longer schedule. So what you're talking about with a movie like Choke or any of those others. You're doing a part like Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind or like Fight Club, but you're doing it in a month. So you can imagine, it's taxing on everybody." You can see Rockwell in Choke on September 26, Moon will be released in 2009.

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Even money the guy who gets cloned is himself a clone.