Kevin Smith has seen Ben Affleck's Batman suit and says it's fantastic

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Good news for everyone who is tired of watching Batman put on varying styles of matte black armor in all of his movies — director and pal of Ben Affleck Kevin Smith says Zack Snyder has shown him the new costume, and that it will be totally different from anything that's come before in the Bat-movies.


I, for one, hope this means that Batman will actually be black and gray, as per his modern comics appearances (actually, I'd love his traditional blue and gray even more, but that's seems to be too much to ask for). Here's exactly what Smith let slip on his Hollywood Babble-On podcast:

I saw the costume, more than that I saw him [Ben Affleck] in the costume…I don't want to give anything away cause that is up to them and stuff, but I am going to say this…I instantly bear hugged him. You have not seen this costume in film before. Because every other movie has done this matrixy black armor thing…There wasn't a single nipple on this [frick]ing suit man. I think everyone is gonna be like 'Holy Shit!' We haven't been down this path before. Even the Hardest core "[frick] this movie" person will be like 'alright, I'm ready!

It seemed like it was very [Redacted] Influenced.

Hmm. Comics influenced? Bruce Timm influenced? Frank Miller influenced? Anime influenced? Brave and the Bold influenced? (Oh, a man can dream.) Whatever it ends up, I'm just happy to know that movie Batman will be expanding his fashion sense somewhat for Batman/Superman.


[Via Nerd Bastards]

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I am continually skeptical of Kevin Smith's enthusiasm.