Kevin Costner's supernatural experience is just as cheeseriffic as you'd expect

Kevin Costner has an encounter with the other side, and there are flashy lights and montages of children shouting, and a white light, and then his dead wife reaches out. Is Dragonfly the worst supernatural film of the early 2000s?

Spoilers ahead, if anybody cares.

So add Dragonfly to the long list of movies that I foolishly thought might be worth a dollar on DVD. It's all about Kevin Costner's stereotypically repressed/arrogant doctor character, whose wife (also a doctor) dies in a bus crash in the Amazon while she's treating some native tribespeople for being Terminally Photogenic. (It's a serious problem in the Amazon region.) Kevin refuses to let go of his dead wife, and he starts seeing freaky, low-rent-Shyamalan-ripoff shit, like his wife's former child cancer patients shouting messages at him. And he sees a dragonfly (his wife's birthmark/totem) everywhere, plus a weird criss-cross symbol and stuff. A dead organ donor starts talking to him in his wife's voice. Etc. etc. Kevin Costner looks sort of freaked out and constipated.


Finally — major spoiler — he goes to the Amazon where he finds the bus his wife supposedly died in, and almost dies there himself. Instead, he has the vision you see above. And then he finally gets to the native village, where the Na'vi Yanomami reveal that his dying wife's soul went into Eywa her unborn baby, which the villagers managed to save. And the hauntings and freaky shit that Kevin Costner's been experiencing were just his wife trying to tell him to come get her spawn/reincarnation, who has the same birthmark. It leads to the most ludicrous sequence of all, where the Terminally Photogenic natives hand him an improbably perfect baby girl, who does not look even remotely like she was a preemie baby saved from a dying mom and nursed by a low-tech village in the middle of nowhere. Cue the uplifting music!

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I think Open Range is his best work followed by wolves and Field of Dreams.

...and that's about it.