Kentucky is about to host the world's first Ninja Throwing Star Range

"Ninjas" and "Kentucky" are two nouns that very rarely manage to show up in the same sentence. But all that's about to change when the first indoor throwing star range opens in the Bluegrass State this coming spring.


According to the delightful official website, the Ninjas Throwing Star Range will feature 500 types of shuriken to toss at targets, a blowgun range, and even a sake bar for those 21 and older. It's actually going to open in my hometown of Lexington, and this is blowing my fucking mind. Lexington was completely lame when I was growing up, and the fact that it's about to have a place where you can legally practice ninja skills both makes me incredibly proud and intensely bitter that the coolest place I had growing up was the mall that contained two videogame stores.

[Via RocketNews24]

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I didn't know you are from Lexington.

Lexington in the last 5 years has turned into one hell of a cool town. Next time you are in this next of the woods, check out the Arcadium (bar filled with vintage arcade games) which is across the street from N. Limestone Coffe and Donuts (try the bacon donut). Try and see a performance by the March Madness Marching Band (former band geeks that dress in garish costumes and well... march). The Jefferson St corridor is now full of fancy foodie restaurants and we have half a dozen decent microbreweries (Country Boys is the best).

In short, Kentucky Kicks Ass.