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Kenneth Branagh is one intense bastard in the first trailer for Prodigal, a short film directed by Benjamin Grayson, Branagh's long-time assistant. In Prodigal, some kids are showing supernatural abilities, complete with the spooky black contact-lens eyes and demonic expressions as they make shit go haywire.

One of them is a little girl named Samantha (Jade Pettyjohn), whom two different organizations are trying to take away so they can study her. It's up to her father to save her from all the people who want to make use of her abilities or put her under a microscope. The main selling point, though, appears to be Branagh as one of the people who wants to lock Samantha up and use her to unlock the secret potential of the human brain. This short film also stars Jennifer Morrison, Winter Ave Zoli, Travis Crim and Taylor Kinney, and we'll let you know if it gets screened anywhere else, or shows up in its entirety online. [via The Playlist]