Ken MacLeod explains the science of galactic princesses

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Ken MacLeod, author of The Execution Channel, has a new book coming out in the UK next month: The Restoration Game. I interviewed him for Bloggingheads, and he told me about his future projects - including one with galactic princesses.

He's currently working on a book about synthetic biology called Sin Bio, but he's also got two other books in mind - one of which will break all the rules of realistic SF. He's responding to the mundane science fiction movement, whose proponents argue that we should chuck unrealistic things like faster-than-light travel and humanoid aliens. MacLeod's idea is that there are actually scientific ways you can justify even the most preposterous ideas. But, as you'll see in our interview, there are some rules that even MacLeod won't break because the results are "just silly."


You can watch the full interview via Bloggingheads.

You can pick up a copy of The Restoration Game next month in the UK.

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Thank you Annalee. My next book will feature a lost Galaxy. You fill me with win <3 !