Kelly Marie Tran's Emotional Night Was the Highlight of Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Premiere

Image: Walt Disney Studios/Alex J. Berliner
Image: Walt Disney Studios/Alex J. Berliner

This weekend, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was unleashed on the crowds attending its world premiere in Los Angeles, which meant we got our first teases and reactions to the movie (surprise, people liked it!). But the highlight of the premiere was Kelly Marie Tran having an absolutely outstanding time.


In The Last Jedi, Tran plays Rose Tico, a reluctant Resistance mechanic who gets thrust into the spotlight when she goes on a mission with Finn. Much like Rose herself, Tran was thrust into the spotlight of Star Wars mania at this weekend’s premiere, and naturally reacted the way many of us would upon realizing we’re a major part of one of the biggest and most beloved franchises of all time: she laughed, she cried, she freaked out, and she excitedly hugged people cosplaying as her.


The overwhelming nature of it all led to a heartwarming consolation between Tran and Daisy Ridley, who of course went through all this two years ago with the release of The Force Awakens—captured by Star Wars: Battlefront II’s Janina Gavankar:

The power of what Star Wars has become to so many people is a wonderful thing, but it’s something that doesn’t just affect fans—it affects the people who are part of it all, too.

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