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Keep Your Pets Frozen for Cryogenic Travel

Illustration for article titled Keep Your Pets Frozen for Cryogenic Travel

If cryogenic science is perfected, it promises a future where humans can travel to the future just by freezing themselves. But cryogenics entrepreneurs have more mundane ideas for bringing freezy suspended animation into everyday life. Scenario Land imagines that someday home cryogenics products could perform important tasks like freezing your pets for easier travel.John Heylin, a future blogger at Scenario Land, envisioned the Cryotranz pet carrier, which would give pet owners the ability to place their furry loved one in suspended animation so they won’t have to endure the trauma of travel:

Although the operation of such a device may seem rather daunting, Cryotranz™ hopes that by combining their newest cryo-breakthroughs with eye-appealing design that cryonics will move past the image the industry has of just freezing the heads of the rich and break into the mass consumer world.


Although you're meant to take cryo-kitty with you in the car or on a plane, it’s not a huge leap to imagine how people might use cryogenic devices to try to ship animals through the mail. Or, as one commenter pointed out, how small children might try to use it to freeze their young siblings. [Scenario Land]

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Well, ever since I started reading Larry Niven, with his Stasis Fields, I can't even think about Cryogenics.