Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

We tried hard to abstain from toy spoilers, but some new G.I. Joe toy pics are just too good not to post. But we also have rock star spoilers, as Gerard Way talks Watchmen. Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves may have given away the ending of The Day The Earth Stood Still. And there are big changes afoot for Davis and Clark on Smallville. All this, plus spoilers and hints for Doctor Who, Lost, Torchwood, Benjamin Button, Dragonball, Heroes, Eleventh Hour and Pushing Daisies. Just remember, if you're high enough up in the air, everything looks like a toy spoiler.

G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra:

Well, I lasted three days without posting any toy spoilers. Here are some MARS figures that are tie-ins with the new film. More pics at the link. [ToyArk via IESB]




My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way says his band's Bob Dylan cover is integral to the ending of the movie. And he weighs in on the controversial changes to the graphic novel's ending:

I personally loved the giant squid – and I’ve always loved giant squids – but from what I’m hearing, the changes he’s made reels it into the actual characters, and actually, in some ways, makes more sense.



The Day The Earth Stood Still:

Keanu Reeves says the film is about "the human character, human nature, the fact that it is only when our backs are up against the wall that we do anything to change our behavior." Sounds as though the film ends with humans promising to stop trashing the environment, in exchange for Keanu not smiting us. He also says:

In our film, Klaatu is making a judgment about whether the human species will live or die, although it is much more than an eco message. Klaatu says: “Your backs are against the wall, you have to change the way you are or cease to exist.”


And he adds that Klaatu starts out totally alien and then slowly learns to relate to humans. [Business Mirror]

And here's a new behind-the-scenes featurette on the film, featuring a bit more footage and the stars talking about it. Keanu gives away more of the film's ending, when he says nobody can withstand Jennifer Connelly's puppy-dog eyes, not even an alien. A similar featurette, with slightly different footage, aired on Entertainment Tonight, and you can view that version here. Plus there's a new international trailer. [IGN]


It's rumored this film's title has changed to Dragonball Evolution. [DBTheMovie]

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button:

Cinemablend has already seen this movie and their review includes a few spoilers. There's a framing device, involving Cate Blanchett's character Daisy on her death bed, reminiscing about her love affair with Benjamin Button. It's the eve of Hurricane Katrina. Daisy's daughter reads from Button's diary, learning about her real father, who was born old and aged backwards. Everyone predicts the elderly baby will die from age-related ailments, but instead he thrives. His father abandons him, so he gets adopted by a woman who works at an old folks home, where he fits right in. Eventually, he de-ages enough to hobble out of his wheelchair and get on a tugboat. and the film skips over the question of what happens to Button when he looks like a teenager but is really old. (Something the Fitzgerald story, incidentally, dwells on.) [Cinemablend]


Doctor Who:

Penelope Wilton, who played the former Prime Minister Harriet Jones, says that "when you are exterminated on Doctor Who, chances are that you are not dead at all. I could simply have gone to another galaxy. You never know – I might make a return." I so want her to team up with Sarah Jane and fight aliens together. [Planet Gallifrey]


More Dharma-centric filming? Someone came across a scene involving Kate, Hurley and a VW camper. [SpoilersLost]


And here are some promo pics showing that the cast is, indeed, still pretty. [Lyly Ford]




Not much of a spoiler, but I listened to a whole podcast to get to it. Gareth David-Lloyd says it's conceivable the fourth (missing) Torchwood office is in Toronto, and he'd be up for doing a storyline set there. [Hardcore Nerdity]



As we mentioned, episode 3x17, "Cold War," is all about HRG, along the lines of "Company Man." And there's an intense sequence where HRG and Matt are locked in a "mental intense interrogation," and they're both out of breath and trying not to faint. They almost pass out. And HRG has some scenes with Nathan as well. [Heroes Television]

Does Peter get his powers back? Hmmm. Well, Greg Grunberg just Twittered this pic of Milo Ventimiglia preparing to do some kind of flying stunt. Click to enlarge. [Heroes Spoilers]



Episode 11 will be called "Bound" and will air on Jan. 20. [SpoilerTV]


The new Sci Fi Magazine includes some spoilers. Chloe and Jimmy will try to manage life after their wedding but it won't be easy. Doomsday's story doesn't end well, as you can imagine. And Tess will unleash her army of supervillains at some point. Also, Clark has a harder time making a new hero identity for himself, because his identity as Clark Kent is already a lie in a sense. Depending on whether there's a ninth season, the eighth season will either end with a heroic sendoff, or a heartbreaking decision for Clark. [SVGurl]


In the Jan. 15 episode, maybe you see Clark flying. Or maybe he's just leaping a tall building in a single bound. [TV Guide]

A new Doomsday-centric mid-year trailer includes a tantalizing shot of a Davis-cicle inside the compromised Fortress of Solitude. [OSCK]


Pushing Daisies:

No clue when the last episodes will air, but when the show's run ends prematurely, you'll have learned the answer to one long-term mystery, which should be a big relief for Mr. Emerson Cod. Also, Olive Snook sings a Bangles song. [TV Guide]

And here's the summary for episode 2x10, "The Norwegians":

Chuck's Aunt Vivian tries to hire Emerson to find her missing boyfriend Dwight and when he declines, she hires a group of three Norwegian private detectives. The Norwegians and Emerson and Ned have a long history of rivalry. Emerson later spies on the group of three and sees Olive seeming to be in cahoots with them. Olive and the Norwegians find a note written in Chuck's Aunt Lily's handwriting implicating her in the disappearance as well.



Eleventh Hour:

This mad-science investigation show chugs along. There's a casting call for episode 13, "Minimata." Local people in Flint Michigan get sick and go blind, possibly due to mercury poisoning. One helicopter newscaster gets poisoned and crashes his chopper during a broadcast. And then the newscaster's wife also goes blind and then finds out she's pregnant. Meanwhile, there's a dairy farmer who's covering up the deaths of several cows. (Does every episode of this show feature an evil farmer?) And there's an antique junk dealer. [SpoilerTV]