Kaufman-esque Sundance Comedy Lands Movie Deal

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Sundance hit Cold Souls, which (on first description) seems to mix Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, has been picked up for US distibution. A victory for PoMo Actor Movies?


Souls stars Paul Giamatti as an actor called Paul Giamatti, who discovers a company that offers to transplant or store human souls, only to give his own soul up in favor of someone else's. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie — written and directed by Sophie Barthes — has "drawn comparisons to the work of Charlie Kaufman," which may be a polite way of saying that it sounds very like a couple of Kaufman's earlier movies.

The movie's US rights were purchased by Samuel Goldwyn; no release date has been announced.


Samuel Goldwyn warms to 'Cold Souls' [Hollywood Reporter]

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I was so glad when Mr. Smith shot this guy in "Shoot 'em Up". I realy grew to dislike the charactor. Does that mean Paul Giamatti is a good actor or that he just deserves to die?