Kathie Lee Gifford Contemplates Jedi Menopause

The hosts from The Today Show got in on last year's Jedi workout craze this morning. Nothing can prepare you for the horror of watching Kathie Lee Gifford running about in Jedi robes.

The Today Show invited New York Jedi Master Flynn and some other contact-wearing Jedis on camera, to teach them all a thing or two about Jedi workouts. So Lauer, Veira, Curry and even Al Roker donned the robes and clacked their sabers about giggling at the overall concept... then, enter Lord Gifford.

Gleefully calling her and "the other one" Menopausal Monks, Gifford prances around in a confused manner, asking the Jedi Master if he thought this was strange at all? Well clearly not, if he's started his own New York Jedi club. This continues with Gifford squealing that they were running out of time so the show directly cuts to an ad for The Wizard of Oz, starting with: "we're not in Kansas anymore." So true, Dorothy, so true.

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Holy shit! It's Darth Facelift!