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Katee Sackhoff has finally found a project that will take full advantage of all of her talents: Rain, which she wrote and will executive produce and star in. Now, we just need an actual premiere date to circle on our calendars and count down to.


Rain will follow in the long tradition of science fiction as exploration of our possible future. It's described as "an evolutionary parable that gives us a look into our possible future as a species viewed through the eyes of a soldier named Rain (Sackhoff). It explores how the long-term effects of global warming, the burning of fossil fuels and the scientific manipulation of nature’s balance rot the world and contribute to its decline."

Fingers crossed that it takes full advantage of those ideas, which provide such a rish area to explore. We already know that Sackhoff'll be great as a soldier in an post-apocalyptic setting.


Rain is being produced by Sackhoff's Fly Free Productions and Continuum producer Reunion pictures — which means both partners have ties to Syfy. One can only hope that means we'll get it on our screens soon.


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