After the recent rumors about Evangeline Lilly leaving ABC's time-tossed island drama Lost and auditioning for fall pilots, the actress herself has spoken about the situation. Short version: Kate's back on the island to stay.

Although a rep for Lilly told E! Online that the rumors were "absolutely false," the site's Kristin Dos Santos still went the extra distance and talked to Lilly, who said,

I am very happy on Lost and have no reason to look anywhere else for a home.

(Emphasis E!'s.)

Maybe I'm just used to the twists and turns of Lost itself, but I can't quite feel as if we're not getting the full story here. Is something going to happen to Kate that will give her enough time to guest on other shows next season, a la Claire's disappearance this season, perhaps...?


Lost: Evangeline Lilly Is Keeping Her Job (Yay!) [E! Online]

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