Kate Mulgrew Actually Studied Physics To Understand Captain Janeway's Dialogue

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Anybody who’s ever watched Star Trek: Voyager knows there’s a lot of technobabble on that show. Even more than most other Star Treks. And Captain Janeway, the show’s lead, is actually a scientist in her own right. So Kate Mulgrew had to work hard to sell all that scientific dialogue.

Mulgrew was talking to Huffington Post, and they asked if she had a trick for memorizing and mastering all of that complicated dialogue on the show. She responded:

Yeah, and it’s a hard trick. It’s nothing you can get away with easily. I read Richard Feynman, I revisited Einstein, and I listened to scientists talk at length about not only the magnitude of space, but almost the theology of space. I had to study physics — on a very fundamental level, mind you — but I understood enough so that I could endow the words, endow the language with meaning.


Added Mulgrew, “Trekkies are like hawks. They see everything. They know if you’re making it up. They know and they don’t like it. So I didn’t make it up.”

She also says that the next step for Star Trek, now that it’s returning to television, is to have an LGBT starship captain. The whole interview is well worth reading. [Huffington Post]

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Mulgrew continues to be awesome, even if Voyager was my least favorite Trek series.