We love Kate Beaton’s comics, whether she’s spoofing Canadian history, sexifying Batman, or recalling her time working at a mining site. Now she’s coming out with a picture book about a young warrior princess who longs for a noble steed — and instead gets a short, pudgy, and rather flatulent pony.

We’ve got two exclusive images from Beaton’s new book The Princess and the Pony, which comes out tomorrow. They both feature the Princess Pinecone, a tiny but enthusiastic warrior princess who asks her parents for a battle horse for her birthday. Instead of a fierce and mighty stallion, she receives a rotund little pony who possesses a vacant expression and a very noisy butt. It’s not your typical warrior’s steed, but Princess Pinecone isn’t your typical princess.


We haven’t gotten a chance to read The Princess and the Pony yet, but the preview on the Scholastic website great fun and the art style is everything we’ve loved from Beaton’s comic series Hark! A Vagrant. Plus, this basically sounds like Fat Pony: The Book, so we’re in.