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Karl Urban confirms he's playing Judge Dredd

Dr. McCoy is the law! We reported a rumor that Star Trek star Karl Urban would play the futuristic, fascistic lawman in the new Judge Dredd movie the other day. Asked about it at Comic Con, Urban said the rumor is "lookin' good." And he told another news outlet that director Pete Travis had actually offered him the role, "and we're in the process of making it happen."

And don't worry, purists - Urban says if he plays Dredd, he'll keep the helmet on the entire time. He adds:

I will say this, hypothetically if I went to a movie that was called "Judge Dredd" and the character or the actor who played Judge Dredd took the helmet and I would see his full face and features I would puke in my popcorn because that's not Dredd. He's mysterious and enigmatic. We're going to do it right.


[MTV and Collider and Movieline]

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No, no, no! It was supposed to be Ray Stevenson!

Urban was good in the new Star Trek movie, but you need someone physically imposing in the role. They might as well have cast Stephen Dorff or Prince...

Speaking of lacking physical characteristics, the only short guy that could possibly pull off the is Henry Rollins. While he's short, no one would disagree that he is physically imposing. Now that I come to think of it, Rollins has the perfect build, face, and attitude for the part. The only thing he would be missing is the height and the British accent (to keep true to 2000 AD).