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Kara Ditches the Skirt in Her New Supergirl Season 5 Outfit

Season four Kara is seeing red over her season five self’s new look.
Season four Kara is seeing red over her season five self’s new look.
Photo: The CW

On the next season of Supergirl, Kara Danvers is following in her cousin’s footsteps. This time it’s less about the kind of hero she wants to be, and more about...upgrading from a skirt to a full on superhero onesie?


After briefly teasing a new, fully-covered look for Supergirl coming into the next season in a recent Kevin Smith interview, Melissa Benoist has taken to Instagram to officially reveal Kara’s new look for season five: Out with the skirt, in with the leggings—the primary reason being, according to Benoist, so she doesn’t freeze to death filming in chilly Vancouver wearing a superskirt. Oh, and she now has bangs!


The costume is, pretty much, an effective merging of Kara’s current look and the version of the Superman suit worn by Tyler Hoechlin in his televisual outings as the Man of Tomorrow. The belt is still there, albeit updated a little, the thigh-high boots are still there, the thumb-holed gauntlets are’s pretty much just the skirt that’s now missing, replaced by Spandex trousers.

Oh, and Kara’s forehead. Thanks, bangs! Supergirl returns to the CW October 6.

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James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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The suit is fine, though I’d rather see it in movement before judging.

The bangs, on the other hand, give me a strong “Pepper Potts” vibe.