Kanye Vs. Stomach Demon Is Our New Wild Things

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How do you follow up a successful movie adaptation of a beloved kids' book that's a surprise smash success? If you're Spike Jonze, you release a short movie online about Kanye West's inner demon... literally.


The 11-minute movie, We Were Once A Fairytale, was supposed to have been released last month but only hit the internet this weekend (Perhaps because Kanye ended up in the news for other reasons). Despite the delay, it's worth your attention if only to see the rapper ditch his sci-fi schtick for urban fantasy... If having sex with a ghost and dealing with a demon pulled out of his stomach really counts as a fantasy.


Here's a clip of the opening, before things get weird. Well, weirder:

The whole movie was available over the weekend here; this morning, the video was removed, but can still be seen on YouTube here and here until it comes back.

Watch: The Deranged Kanye West/Spike Jonze Short Film [Pitchfork]

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As I told a friend earlier today, I'd much rather see Kanye work with Spike Jones than Spike Jonze.

"And now, here's Kanye West singing Der Führer's Face!" #wewereonceafairytale