Kansas Towns Slaughter Each Other In Nuclear Fallout This Spring

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The apocalypse came to a small town, and nobody noticed. But that could change this spring. CBS' nuclear apocalypse drama Jericho barely escaped out-and-out cancellation thanks to a mail-in campaign involving bags of nuts. And this spring, it may be the only game in town, thanks to the writers' strike.

Jericho season one started off blah but ended strong the nearby town of New Bern turned fascist and massed a small army to march against the people of Jericho, KS. Carnage in the cornfields!

CBS has seven episodes of Jericho in the can and plans to air them as a mid-season replacement. Those seven weeks could be enough to kindle a new interest, since every other channel will show reality fare like Farmer Wants A Wife. Two more shows that could gain from the strike after the jump.

  • Heroes is starting to woo back its lost viewers. If it finishes strong (with a tacked-on season ending) then it could gain from a long hiatus. We could forget how boring this season was, and be ready for the show to reinvent itself.
  • Doctor Who is set to air new episodes in England this spring, plus a Christmas episode next month. If the Sci Fi Channel is smart, it'll negotiate to air those new episodes as soon as possible, during the American TV drought. Also, a whole season of spin-off show Sarah Jane Adventures has aired in the U.K. but not the U.S. yet.

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