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Doctor Who's most faithful traveling companion is still out there in space, fighting monsters and stuff. K9, the robot dog and the BBC's answer to R2D2, is starring in a spin-off series, already filming.

Producer Paul Tams, told the Doctor Who News Page that the show's eighth episode is set to complete filming at the end of the week, in Australia.


And he cleared up the thorny issue of how the show fits in with the continuity of the original series. Because the BBC isn't involved in making the spin-off, aimed at kids, it can't feature any characters or concepts from Doctor Who other than K9 himself. But there will be tons of easter eggs and clues aimed at longtime fans, says Tams. Also, Tams offered a solution to the thorny issue of how K9 can be off in space fighting monsters when he's supposed to be on Earth hanging out with journalist Sarah-Jane Smith. This version of K9 is "the original, you might say" — in other words, it's the first model of K9, either before he ever met the Doctor, or after the Doctor dropped him off on his home world of Gallifrey. (In which case K9 somehow got separated from Leela. And yes, I know the show probably won't ever go into any detail about this.)

Tams also mentioned a few other details: the show will have 26 half-hour episodes. It'll be a mixture of live-action and CG effects, and K9 himself will be a mixture of an actual model and a CG creation. And he'll look sleek and cool, but will be recognizeably K9 — and he'll look like way better than the images that have leaked out so far, including the two posters above. But he'll be recognizeably K9. And there will be tons of new alien races, including one race called the Jixen.

Bob Baker, who co-created K9 and also co-wrote all the Wallace And Gromit films, is co-producing the show and working on the scripts. The official website for the show's production company, Park Films, includes some details on the show's set up and supporting cast:

An old Prairie class spacecraft is drifting towards distant stars. She is The “ Platte ” once used for the colonisation of Asteroids.

On board are:-
SLOCUM - mid-thirties, rugged, taciturn who thinks of himself as a dealer in valuable commodities - others would say he just collects junk! He is a loner – a space gypsy! It's the only way he knows. He's in no hurry to get anywhere and he stays well off the beaten track.

DJINN - a V997 (F), an overactive computer module in the shape of an attractive young woman. She was programmed by the ship's previous owners to provide stimulating conversation. Something that SLOCUM would happily change if only he had knowledge of her operating codes!

Together they discover an apparently abandoned battle cruiser. Whereupon they meet K-9!


The show will air later this year on Australia's Ten Network, but there's insufficient data on airings in the rest of the world.

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