Jyn Erso Kicks Stormtrooper Butt in the First Clip From Rogue One

Poor Stormtroopers, they practically exist to get their white-armored butts handed to them to make everyone else look good.


Debuting on last night’s Tonight Show, the clip sees Jyn and Cassian flanked by Stormtroopers on Jedha, forcing Jyn to break out her space-baton and go to town on the Empire’s boys and girls in white. Check it out below, and if you’re so inclined, you can skip back a bit to watch Felicity Jones disarm Jimmy Kimmel of a toy blaster rifle ,too.

While a good chunk of the clip has been seen in the various trailers, it’s actually concluded with a surprisingly funny moment—Jyn twirls round to put a blaster bolt right through the chest of an Imperial security droid... only to have a moment of realization that she might have just shot Cassian’s best pal K-2SO. Thankfully, the friendly droid is revealed to be just behind the one Jyn shot, but he’s understandably miffed at the situation.


Rogue One hits theaters December 16.

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Ok seriously, what is the point of their armor? I seems to offer exactly zero protection from anything if some random person swinging a metal pipe can just drop them with a hit to a “reinforced” helmet.