Poor Stormtroopers, they practically exist to get their white-armored butts handed to them to make everyone else look good.

Debuting on last nightā€™s Tonight Show, the clip sees Jyn and Cassian flanked by Stormtroopers on Jedha, forcing Jyn to break out her space-baton and go to town on the Empireā€™s boys and girls in white. Check it out below, and if youā€™re so inclined, you can skip back a bit to watch Felicity Jones disarm Jimmy Kimmel of a toy blaster rifle ,too.

While a good chunk of the clip has been seen in the various trailers, itā€™s actually concluded with a surprisingly funny momentā€”Jyn twirls round to put a blaster bolt right through the chest of an Imperial security droid... only to have a moment of realization that she might have just shot Cassianā€™s best pal K-2SO. Thankfully, the friendly droid is revealed to be just behind the one Jyn shot, but heā€™s understandably miffed at the situation.


Rogue One hits theaters December 16.