Justin Bieber is probably joking about being in Batman/Superman

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Justin Bieber has caused a bit of a stir after posting this image of a Batman vs. Superman script to his Instagram feed. Don't fret, non-Beliebers, it's very likely just a joke. Update: Yup, a joke.

Bieber added the hashtag #robin? to his Instagram post, which is pretty amusing since the script claims to be based on "The Dark Knight Falls" from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. The Robin in that book is Carrie Kelley, a girl.

But yesterday, Bieber also tweeted this:


So chances are that the "script" is just a prop for a Funny or Die sketch, and Bieber is having a bit of fun with us.

Update: In case anyone was actually worried about this, The Wrap got an official denial that Bieber is involved in the film.

[via /Film]

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I don't even care anymore. They could cast Flo the Progressive Insurance lady as Lois Lane and I wouldn't even be surprised.

I know this is fake, but really, I couldn't even bring myself to feel a modicum of outrage. I'm so weary of DC. So weary.