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Justice League Movie Still on Track?

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Even before The Avengers made a billion dollars, Warner Bros. was "quietly" moving forward with a new Justice League movie, according to Variety. A film showcasing the team-up of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and a host of other heroes seems like a no-brainer — if Warners can duplicate the same intensity and charisma that gelled in Marvel's recent film. To that end, they've drafted Will Beall (Gangster Squad) to write the screenplay. Beall is working on a slew of other movies, as well, including the Logan's Run remake that's due to reunited Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn with star Ryan Gosling. Let's hope that Beall's Justice League script manages to focus on character development, rather than spectacle and continuity porn — since the last thing we need is another Green Lantern, only featuring Superman and Batman.


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What they need is there own Jos Whedon. I nominate Kevin Smith, he is more than nerd ennogh.