Batman v Superman might have gone the darker, Martha-laden route for its scrap between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, but Justice League Action goes for a much more fun one: DC Comics by the way of Street Fighter.


We saw a little bit from the front of this clip before Justice League Action premiered, setting up the premise of Toyman capturing members of the Justice League to talk part in a sort of VR-esque video game battle. But Cartoon Network has now released a new clip that continues on from there, which sees Clark and Bruce forced into a fighting-game scrap... and it’s awesome.

There’s some fun little video game jokes—like Cyborg hammering on Batman’s taunt button to get him to repeatedly yell “I. AM. BATMAN!!!”, or both heroes loudly calling out all their attacks. But the best ones call back to the classic Superman movies, from a little 8-bit version of the John Williams fanfare to even Superman using his infamous emblem-toss from Superman II. It’s an absolute blast... unlike the last time we got to see Batman fight Superman, honestly.


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