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Just When You Thought The Deadpool Movie Couldn't Get More Badass...

Illustration for article titled Just When You Thought The iDeadpool/i Movie Couldnt Get More Badass...

Ryan Reynolds joins Instragram with this amazing photo from the Deadpool movie set:


I will fully admit there is almost certainly more important news today than a single photo of a costumed lunatic leaping chaotically over a semi-destroyd car, but still... damn. I can’t believe this movie is finally happening. Or that it looks this good.

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You know... there’s a lot of hype from the comics’-fanbase, and the internet-interest for that short played a big part in getting this movie made, but if no-one goes out to watch it and it tanks, then the movie-studios won’t be making many more films based on fan-noise for quite a while.

Just something to keep in mind.

I mean, I’m just a little concerned that the studios said “Okay! You guys seem to love this Deadpool-guy, so here’s your movie.”, but if it tanks they’ll be like “Freakin’ internet. They never know what they want. I’m never listening to them again. Screw ‘em, let’s go make a live-action Bambi.”.