Is it horror, action-adventure, disaster porn, a superhero flick, an old-school monster movie, or some mix of all of these?

After watching the trailer for the newest Godzilla movie (which you should seriously check out now, if you haven't yet already), a question arose about just which category a movie like Godzilla belonged in:

Erik Sofge

I love the meta-reference to the original, and the bit about nuke testing being a cover for past strikes.

Is it trolling to say that this looks a lot more competent and exciting, as monster movies go, than Pacific Rim?

Corpore Metal

Well, technically, PR wasn't horror movie, it was action-adventure. In horror, it is shown that the monster isn't defeated or simply can't be defeated. In action-adventure, people win. So it's kinda an apples and oranges thing.

Erik Sofge

None of the Godzilla movies were horror movies (even by your definition, which seems reductive, since they eventually repel him in the original, and he's basically a superhero in the later ones). They're monster movies, or maybe an offshoot of the disaster movie.


So where in the genre spectrum do you think Godzilla movies fall, and where do you want them to fall?

There are arguments to be made on all sides, and probably different categories for each of the different incarnations of Godzilla. It's pretty early to try and figure out for sure just which category this latest movie will fall into, but I'm particularly drawn to the idea of Godzilla as a disaster movie, where Godzilla is as much a force of nature as he is a monster.


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