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Orcs and Humans Clash in the Jaw-Dropping First Warcraft Trailer

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We got a brief teaser earlier this week, but at long last we finally have our first look at Duncan Jones’ highly anticipated movie adaptation of the Warcraft video game series—and it’s jam-packed with gorgeous fantasy goodness.


Whether you’re a Warcraft fan that bleeds the blood of the Alliance or Horde, or someone who’s never even heard of Warcraft before, there’s a lot to love in this trailer—the first time that footage for the long-in-the-works film has actually been publicly unveiled (although it’s not the first time footage has been shown). There’s fantastic vistas, spectacular cities, and some ridiculously-brutal looking action, and no doubt tons of easter eggs for fans to pick over in the months to come.

Movie adaptations of video games tend to suck, but somehow, I think this film might just break the cycle. We’ll find out for sure when Warcraft hits cinemas on July 10th, 2016.


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Just watched it on the BlizzCon live stream, and while the effects look fantastic (really fantastic), the whole WoW aesthetic doesn’t feel like it translates particularly well to live action.

Everything looks spot on perfect, but at the same time that is what makes it look... wrong? I guess that is the way to put it. Story looks great, effects do look astounding, it just feels off-putting. Almost like the 48FPS Hobbit.

Paula Patton, who I thought was a great choice for Garona looks out of place as well.

But I’m still cautiously optimistic.