Some special effects are so amazing that even watching them come together inspires awe and wonder. This video, narrated by Stan Winston Studios visual effects supervisor John Rosengrant, highlights just how amazing the Jurassic Park raptor effects were. It takes us from the sculpture of a man inside a raptor suit through the early tests of Rosengrant acting inside a foam body, to the fully sculpted dinosaur. It's also clear that everyone on set is having great fun watching their faux raptor run amok and pretend to eat everyone.


What's especially neat is that we're not just seeing the evolution of the suit; we're also seeing how Rosengrant's raptor performance evolves. His movements certainly get more bird-like—and more menacing—as the suit becomes more and more sophisticated.

You can read more about the development of the suit and see pictures of its creation at the Stan Winston School blog.


JURASSIC PARK - The Evolution of a Raptor Suit with John Rosengrant [Stan Winston School via Comic Book Movie]

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