Just Make the Spider-Gwen Disney Infinity Figure Anyway, Disney

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The surprise cancellation of the successful Disney Infinity video game franchise rocked gamers and collectors when news broke earlier this year. We’re starting to see concept designs for what some of the never-produced figures would have looked like and the sight of them just intensifies the yearning for what could have been.


Images of a mock-up of a Doctor Strange Disney Infinity figure popped up earlier this week and today, there’s a look at a Spider-Gwen that will likely never happen. Face it, tiger; it’s time to start crying. Here’s the visuals, via Infiniteer Adventures.

Spider-Gwen has been a breakout character for Marvel; the fact that she sports one of the best-ever riffs on the Spider-Man costume design helps a lot. And the ‘dead girlfriend as alt-reality heroine’ concept struck gold, creating a loyal fanbase that thrills to the clever re-imaginings of established characters in the series’ pages.


You’d like to think that, as a mega-conglomerate that likes money, Disney would have the sense to produce the Dr. Strange and Spider-Gwen figures anyway. Get them out there as high-priced, con-exclusive memorial editions or something. People would snatch them right up.

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